Person centred counselling

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The aim of person centred therapy is to open you to the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions for deeper understanding of yourself. You are the expert, the counsellor facilitate a process whereby you are guided to find the strength, the answers or the belief from within. It is all about self awareness and not to be judge, to be heard and understood. To break open the dilemmas whether there is resistance or a defence to hopefully build a new link of growth for better wellbeing.

I can help you with your addictions, anger, anxiety, going through a bereavement, the career ladder, if you have commitment issues, communication problems with others, do you have controlling behavior, suffering from depression, is your diet, weight and body image always on your mind, a life of divorce or separation, having dreams, a eating disorder, is your health and fitness a concern, does low self esteem get in the way of your progression, your life in marriage or living together, you have a obsession, expectations of parenthood, to take ownership of your personal development, the journey of postnatal depression or pregnancy, how about relationships, sexual issues and sexuality, the emotions of shame or guilt, dealing with stress in your life or a termination, abortion, a miscarriage, or any other unresolved issues.

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Person centred counselling